Tricks for Finding the Best                            Vintage Band Tees.

The vintage band tees are found in wide selections as one can get them from the sellers on the eBay. The vintage band tees were found in the year of 70s, but it also looks cool even today. You can buy the vintage band tees also at your local thrift and the vintage stores. When you are purchasing the vintage band tee, you require knowing the difference between the authentic vintage band tee and the counterfeit twin of the vintage tees. Ensure that you buy the authentic vintage band tee. The following tricks will help you to purchase the vintage band tee that is right. View Old School Tees

You are supposed to look at the texture of the vintage band tees. The texture will enable you to differentiate between the real vintage tees and the fake vintage tees. You should feel the texture of the cloths by your hands. In the modern vintage bands tee, they have fabric that is much thicker than those of the old days of the earlier 70s. Look for fabric that has fifty percentage of cotton and the other percentage to be poly. This is because with the cotton and poly materials it will have excellent softness enabling it to sit well on your body. With the cotton and poly fabric, the t-shirt is most likely to be authentic. View

You are also supposed to look for the new graphics that are on the older shirts. This is because the sellers may buy the vintage tees when plain, and then they print the band logo on them then they sell them as authentic vintage tees. Therefore you should look at the wear of the t-shirt and the design. Ensure that the wear on the t-shirts matches the wear of the design. Their fade away should also be normal.

You should not trust the sixes of the vintage tee. This is because of the size of the older days, for example, the medium size is not the same as the size of nowadays. When you are shopping for the vintage band tee ensure that you have tried on them. When you are buying from online, you can ask the seller to give you the specific measurements but not the looking at the size and the symbols. Visit